i've eaten the sun so my tongue has been burned of the taste
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Leo & Pipo, by Emma Dajska (by Leo & Pipo)
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Flor das almas
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     n. A term used in the book Clockwork Orange, meaning unnecessary, unprovoked, brutal violence; violent acts simply for the thrill and entertainment of it. (via mythaelogy)

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Henri Dauman, Brigitte Bardot

    A Day In the Life // Pete&Carl (for BBC radio2 in 2007)

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Untitled by Lukasz Wierzbowski
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    “We smashed our faces in and went to prison for our art.”

    Carl Barât (x)

    (This quote is so painful yet poignant, because Peter’s prison sentence & Carl’s face smashing incident are undoubtedly two of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of The Libertines. Yet now, years on, Carl refers to these two turning points as part of the process, of creating their art. Water under the bridge and all that. To me, declaring something like that is a very beautiful thing indeed.) 

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